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What to say instead about Bologna?
A weird and "clashed" town, where real culture crawls like a thief in the less trendy venues. That's how you find out its open minded where you'd rather think it's a circle for few aliens.
But actually mind closed just there, in the Square or in the main showcases, where you first felt it open.

Even if these are not merely tourism indications, a special mention is due to the Cineteca, the Expo and Fairs Quarter (that's being resistant to the attacks of Milan), the industrial field, the ice-cream parlours and the sweet hills, from San Luca's Basilica, to the Giardini Margherita park and over.

Jovial and sinister at the same time, it's a very strategic start point to visit a good side of Italy, as it's in the middle of an easy-to-travel zone including the seaside, mountains, lakes, Venice, Florence and Milan.